Virtual Formula One Official Rulebook

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Virtual Formula One Official Rulebook

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Race Settings

  •  Cars are run on "2014" mode, not equal. You can negotiate team drives with the team bosses unless there is a full team fully available, in which case you can inquire about running the team as number #1 and team boss. 

  •  Races are held at 50% with a 15-minute qualifying session right before the race.


  •  Clean racing is a must for the VFOL. We ask you hand back the position(s) if you gain an advantage by pushing/barging someone off track to gain a place. If you do not and a VFOL Stewards Enquiry is made then the penalties will be alot harsher than just handing back a position.

  •  BLUE FLAGS - Lapped cars MUST give way and let the leader/lead lap cars through. This will happen once the leader/lead lap car is within 1 sec of the lapped car and has DRS over lapped car. The lapped car must give way at the 1st, safest possible opportunity to do so. The Lead car MUST stay on the racing line, the lapped car MUST move off the racing line.

    However, certain situations may make this hard so we will be giving certain exemptions to this rule.

    Exemption 1 – The car that is to be lapped (Driver B) informs in the party chat that he is pitting at the end of the current lap and doesn’t want to risk ruining his race by slowing at this time. The lead car (Driver A) acknowledges this and if he isn’t losing too much time, will stay behind Driver B. Both Driver A and Driver B must agree to this in the party.

  •  There is absolutely ZERO tolerance to racism and other vulgar and possibly controversial verbal actions towards other drivers in the VFOL championship. Squabbling will result in warnings towards both drivers arguing at the time regardless as to whether one is at fault or the other. If arguing and/or squabbling [url=#]continues[/url] after a warning is given out, the officials will penalize the driver in question.

A driver can incur up to four 10 second penalties in the race, after that the penalties start to count. (50+ secs and onwards)

Team Rules and Regulations

VFOL can run all 22 cars if there is enough drivers for all cars. In this section you will find out everything about driver roles and general team rules and what they mean within the VFOL.

  •  Lead driver (#1 Car) – Team leader. Responsible for [url=#]securing[/url], renewing, and hiring of drivers and test drivers.

  •  Equal Status Driver (#2 Car) – Race for your team. No say on any of the [url=#]securing[/url], renewing, and hiring of drivers and test drivers.

  •  Test Driver – Can race for your parent team at any race should a regular driver not turn up to any race. To gain experience you may go to another team only as a driver. Lead Driver role may be [url=#]secured[/url] under certain circumstances, and FiA Clearance.

  •  Team rules – No team orders. Friendly gestures are allowed, like swapping positions in the race to aid one driver in the VFO Drivers Championship. No ordering the driver of the teams #2 car to let lead driver in front at every race.

  •  Driver contracts are simple. Once you negotiate with a current driver regarding the #2 car, or test driver role then you can sign to that team using half season, and full season deals.

  •  Transfer windows are open during off-season and in between the start of rounds 9-12. Drivers will NOT be able to switch teams if not within the given opportunity to make a transfer / sign a new contract.

"Last but not least, we at the VFOL want you to enjoy your time racing with us. We don’t mind people generally having a laugh with each other, however we ask that under no circumstances you are racist towards anyone, and that there is no personal attacks on each other." - On behalf of the VFOL Community

Points System

1st - 10

2nd - 6

3rd - 4

4th - 3

5th - 2

6th - 1

Pole Position - [url=#]Bonus[/url] Point +1


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